Murano Acoustic Timber Panels are supplied throughout Australia and The Middle East by Sontext. Sontext is a company based in Melbourne and our team shares years of experience in the acoustic industry.  Our goal is to be the market leader through innovation, deliver high quality products and continuously developing new solutions.


Our Story

We started our journey over 20 years ago helping builders and designers reduce unwanted sound, background noise or echo which was causing unnecessary problems for listeners and performers. We started supplying Murano Ceiling and Wall Timber Acoustic Panels into the Australian and The Middle East markets in 2007. This internationally recognised brand is distributed throughout USA by Murano Acoustics.


Our People

Our expert staff are available to discuss your sound absorbing needs, and to offer advice on: project work, noise control product selection, installation and finishes. The Managing Director brings with him over 30 years of industry experience and has consulted on some of Australia's leading projects.


Our Products

Sontext specialises in supplying acoustic solutions that enhance interior decors. Our product range includes:


Our Projects

Our products provide sound and reverberation control in virtually any interior space, including broadcast and recording studios, classrooms, auditoriums, home theatres, retail spaces, foyers and meeting rooms.  View some of our recently completed projects.