Murano Acoustic Wood Panels

Are one of the Worlds leading brands in Acoustic Wood Panels. Having been installed in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and the USA.

Murano acoustic Wood panels are highly decorative as well as being functional.The reason for the holes or sots is to let the sound or noise penetrate into the sound absorbing material behind the Acoustic wood panel. Murano Acoustic Wood panels have been extensively tested in laboratories around the world,giving Acoustic engineers the widest choice of sound solutions.
Available in wood veneer, high quality paint finish, or decorative laminate, Murano Acoustic wood panels are guaranteed to have the best finish available. Murano Acoustic panels are available in a standard range of finishes but other finishes are available on demand.


Slotted Holes are a pattern which gives high acoustic performance

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Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels

Perforated holes are one of the traditional patterns in the Murano Range

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Linear Grooves

Linear Grooves are the one of the latest patterns available as part of the Murano Range

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Murano Micro-perforated are the latest trend in perforated acoustic Timber panels

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