Linear Grooved Acoustic Wood Panels

Installing high quality acoustic wood panels in noisy offices, boardrooms, classrooms or auditoriums is essential to help improve the room sound quality and increase the comfort level.  The Murano Linear Grooved Acoustic Panels are manufactured to reduce reverberation, enhance the sound quality of a room and add to the d├ęcor. The MDF substrate on these highly engineered panels may also be perforated independently to allow sound to pass through and be dissipated.

Seamless finish

The concealed joining system on the Linear Acoustic Wood Panels provides a continuous, uninterrupted look to wall and ceiling linings.  This unique joining system not only makes the panels easy to install but they create a seamless transition between each panel.  

Create an inviting and unique interior space with our wide range of surface finishes, colours and groove patterns.  The team at Sontext can guide you and make recommendations on which acoustic solution and finish best suits your project. 

View some of our beautiful completed projects across Australia and The Middle East.

Features & Benefits

  • Concealed fixing system allows for a seamless finish.
  • Murano Grooved panels provide excellent sound absorption and reverberation control.
  • Engineered with high quality & durable materials, making it a long lasting acoustic noise control solution.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean wooden panels ideal for schools, lecture theatres, auditoriums, and most public spaces.
  • Sontext is able to provide you with complete test reports for the complete range of Murano acoustic panels.  
  • Panels can be manufactured to custom requirements (subject to order size).

Have a chat to the acoustic experts at Sontext about sound acoustics and we work with you to find the right acoustic solution for your project.


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Murano Acoustic Panels
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Murano Linear Grooved Wood Acoustic Panels