Micro-Perforated Acoustic Panels

Murano Micro-Perforated Acoustic panels are the latest trend in perforated wood panels and the smaller holes create the look of a non-perforated wood veneer panel.   These new timber panels are manufactured with small perforations to the front of the panel and have larger perforations in the back of the panel which absorbs the noise.  The micro perforations on the panel face are available in two hole sizes, 1.2mm and 0.5mm, each giving a distinct look and acoustic performance.  The 1.2mm perforated acoustic panel is called Micro-perforated acoustic wood panels and the 0.5mm holes is called Nano-perforated acoustic wood panels.

Panel construction

The nano and micro-perforated acoustic panels have a unique construction.  The top layer is perforated to the selected hole sizes and the backing is constructed of 16mm MDF with 9mm holes at 16mm centres.  This adds significantly to the acoustic performance.

Nano whole perforations

0.5mm Perforations

Acoustic Performance

Murano Micro-perforated acoustic wood panels can be installed on walls or ceilings achieving a range of acoustic or noise reduction results. Variables that impact the sound absorbing performance of an acoustic panel include, the depth of air gap behind the panels & the type & thickness of the sound absorbing medium used. To discuss the best solution for your application, Sontext recommends that you consult an Acoustic Engineer in your local area.

Acoustic performance

Features & Benefits

  • Murano Micro-perforated Acoustic Timber panels are available in the standard wood veneer finish, high quality paint finish and decorative laminate.
  • All murano acoustic timber panels are backed with Soundex acoustic membrane which contributes to the excellent absorption.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean wooden panels ideal for schools, lecture theatres, auditoriums, and most public spaces.
  • Sontext is able to provide you with complete test reports for the range of Murano acoustic panels.  
  • Easy to install with the concealed fixing system.
  • Panels can be manufactured to custom requirements (subject to order size).

Have a chat to the acoustic experts at Sontext about sound acoustics and we work with you to find the right acoustic solution for your project.

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