Murano Decorative Finishes


Murano Acoustic wood panels are available in three main finishes, Wood Veneer, High quality paint finish, and decorative Laminate. This gives the designer almost an unlimited choice in designing the wall or ceiling finish. The Murano range includes standard wood veneers chosen from the most popular colours available, as is the same with the High quality decorative laminates

Real Wood Veneer

The standard range of wood veneers is available on an exstock basis, however Murano can choose from international suppliers quality veneers to match your choice

Paint Finish

Murano Acoustic wood panels are available in either Pantone or RAL colours. This gives almost an unlimited choice in selection. The paint finish is in a high quality 2pac finish and can be supplied in Gloss, Matt or Satin finishes.

Decorative Laminate

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels come in a standard range of Decorative laminates

The Choice is yours

Once you have selected the finish you want please contact Sontext or your local distributor to discuss pricing and availability. The first step is to fill in the inquiry form.