Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels

The Murano Perforated Acoustic Panels are a popular choice for those wanting to create a distinct architectural finish.  Our perforated acoustic panels reduce reverberation, reflected sound and unwanted noise across all hearing frequencies.  You can select from our range of natural colours and a quality veneers to create a comfortable and inviting interior space. 

Murano acoustic timber panels are manufactured with the distinctive “non see through” black SoundTex acoustic felt attached to the back.  This unique backing helps to stops dust falling thorough the panel holes and contributes to the acoustic performance. 

Versatile Patterns

Murano uses state of the art CNC machinery to produce the large variety of holes and patterns.   Our standard hole perforation sizes are 3mm, 6mm and 9mm hole diameters.  In addition to hole diameter sizes, you may also opt for the hole offset pattern.  For more information on other perforation hole size and pattern variations contact Sontext.

Features & Benefits

  • Murano perforated acoustic panels provide excellent sound absorption and reverberation control.
  • Engineered with high quality and durable materials, making it long lasting acoustic noise control solution.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean wooden panels which are ideal for schools, lecture theatres, auditoriums, and most public spaces.
  • Sontext is able to provide you with complete test reports for the complete range of Murano acoustic panels.  
  • Easy to install with the concealed fixing system.
  • Panels can be manufactured to custom requirements (subject to order size).

Have a chat to the acoustic experts at Sontext about sound acoustics and we work with you to find the right acoustic solution for your project.

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