Perforated Wood Acoustic Panels

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Murano Perforated Acoustic Panel Features

Sontext presents MURANO ACOUSTICS™ – Perforated timber ceiling and wood wall panels, incorporating the latest perforation techniques to maximize sound absorption and reduce reverberation. Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are available in a standard range of veneers and laminate surfaces.

Murano Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels also offer a large range of perforation patterns and hole diameters to suit your project.

– Colours

Acoustic Panels - Wood Veneer Options

Murano Wood Acoustic Panels are available in a wide range of different Wood Veneers, some of which are shown above.

Choose from one of these variations, or subject to Order Size, contact us and arrange for a Custom Wood Veneer that works for your project.

– Perforated Panels & Hole Size Variations

Acoustic Panel Hole Size Variations

Murano Perforated Acoustic Panels have a range of Hole sizes to choose from to best suit your project. The image above illustrates 3mm, 6mm and 9mm Hole Diameter variations.

Acoustic Panel - Perforation Patterns

In addition to Hole Diameter sizes, you may also opt for the Hole Offset pattern variation – should this better suit your project. The image above illustrates the Hole Offset variation pattern for 3mm, 6mm and 9mm Hole Diameters.

Information on other Perforation Hole Size and Pattern Variations are available on request to Sontext.

Murano Wood Veneer Acoustic Panels are also available in the following varieties:

Sound Absorption Capabilities

The graph above illustrates typical Sound Absorption profiles for Murano Slotted Timber Panels. The system tested here is using 50mm thick 24kg/m3 Glasswool insulation and a 400mm Airgap.

Test Reports from Certified Laboratories on all Murano Acoustic Panels are available upon request.




You can download a selection of Murano Wood Veneer Slotted Acoustic Panel Data Sheets here: