Acoustic Timber Panels

The Benefits of Acoustic Timber Panels

Spotlight on Murano Panels by Sontext Creating a space with the right aesthetics and sound quality can be challenging, especially in noisy environments like offices, theatres, and restaurants. Here, acoustic timber panels come into consideration as decorative elements and essential components in managing sound within a space. Murano acoustic timber panels by Sontext are a...Continue reading

Improve Your Space with Murano Timber Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Is your workplace noisy and needs a makeover? Do you want the same old dull and uninspiring ceilings in your workspace? Do you wish for an acoustic solution that enhances your space's aesthetics and improves its acoustic performance? Look no further than Murano Timber acoustic ceiling panels – the perfect blend of form and function....Continue reading

Acoustic Timber Panels

Enhancing Acoustic Comfort and Aesthetics with Murano Acoustic Timber Panels

In the world of interior design and architectural innovation, achieving the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics is often a challenging endeavour. However, one solution has been making waves in recent years, revolutionizing how we think about acoustic treatment while adding a touch of elegance to spaces. Enter Murano Acoustic Timber Panels – the perfect...Continue reading

Acoustic Ceiling Panels for Better Sound Quality

Acoustic Ceiling Panels for Better Sound Quality Acoustic ceiling panels are the best option for controlling sound reverberation. These panels are made with light weight materials which improve the quality of sound significantly. To know more about acoustic ceiling panels read this article… See on

Acoustic Ceiling Panels For Your Home

Acoustic Ceiling Panels For Your Home Acoustic ceiling panels are mostly used for controlling noise in all over the world. These are helpful for both commercial and individual purposes. The important things for buying acoustic ceiling panels have checked the noise level. For more tips read this article. See on  

Coloured Core MDF

Murano Acoustics have released a new range of acoustic Wood panels. This is all the existing range and patterns available in a coloured core MDF. Available in 8 standard colours, this gives Murano Acoustic Wood panels a new look and finish. Murano acoustics have great pleasure in releasing a new range of Acoustic panels incorporating

Acoustic Slat Panels – Murano Acoustic Wood Panels

Decorative and Acoustic -Murano Acoustic Slat Panels Are a new range of Acoustic Slat Panels made from Timber or wood battens. The Acoustic Slat panels incorporating acoustic insulation used maximize sound absorption and reduce reverberation. The benefit of Murano range is that it combines fashion and function to help control noise and reverberation in buildingContinue reading

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